Paramount Business Brokers

Manufacturers' Representatives

Paramount Business Brokers

Paramount Business Brokers are the Professional Manufacturers' Representatives to the Health and Medical Equipment Industry, Office Supplies & Equipment, also Houseware Supplies and General Retail Merchandise, Veterinary Supplies.
Our Specialty includes Pharmaceutical Nutritional Supplements, Disinfection and Cleaning Products, Medical Equipment, Office Supplies & Equipment, also Houseware Supplies and General Retail Merchandise, Veterinary Supplies.


Product Mix: 


Pharmaceutical Supplies

Disinfection and Cleaning Products

Medical Equipment

Office Supplies & Equipment

Houseware Supplies

General Retail Merchandise

Veterinary Supplies




Medical Labs


Health Food Stores

Office Supplies Stores

Variety Stores

Retail Stores

Core Values:

Lifelong Learning

Committed to the Long Term

Strong Selling Skills

Outstanding Product Knowledge

Why choose paramount business brokers

We are:
  • Professional and Knowledgeable in our industry
  • Experienced in our niche territory
  • Focus on meeting our customers' growing demands
  • Member of MANA
  • Well organized and committed
  • Our niche territory is the Caribbean Countries
  • Social Media Presence: Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram

Paramount Business Brokers

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